Stained Glass Solder Products

AIM offers high quality solder products to the Stained Glass industry. AIM’s ARTIST PURE solder wires are designed with the glass artist in mind. With options for those that require lead-free solder as well as your common 50Sn/50Pb and 60Sn/40Pb solders, AIM has your artistry soldering needs covered. AIM’s premium solder wires are professionally proven and supported worldwide.

The following standard product form & packaging available:

  • Solid wire: 0.125"/3mm diameter on 454 g/1 lb spools
Artist Pure 63/37

A high-purity alloy comprised of 63% Tin and 37% Lead with a melting point of 361°.

Artist Pure 60/40

A high-purity alloy comprised of 60% Tin and 40% Lead with a melting temperature range of 361°- 374°F.

Artist Pure 50/50

A high-purity alloy comprised of 50% Tin and 50% Lead with a melting temperature range of 361°- 413°F.

Artist Pure Lead-Free

A high-purity silver bearing lead free alloy with a melting temperature of 407°-439°F.




 AIM Stained Glass Solder Information Sheet

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