Lead Solder Alloys

AIM offers a wide variety of lead products and alloys to meet all customer requirements.



● Antimonial Lead Alloys Containing 1% to 10% antimony used as wheel weights, bullets, sheet lead, and in battery applications.

● Pipe Pipe made from lead and lead alloys is used for its corrosion resistance and flexibility in the chemical industry and in plumbing and water distribution systems.

● Sheet Lead An important construction material in chemical and related industries because lead resists attack by a wide range of chemicals.

● Type Metals for the printing industry.

● Additional Applications Sheet Lead is used in building construction for roofing and flashing, shower pans, flooring, x-ray and gamma-ray protection, and vibration damping and soundproofing. Other uses for lead include ammunition, fusible alloys, anodes and in solder alloys.

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AIM can furnish a variety of lead alloy compositions to meet your unique requirements, please contact us for more information.

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