Whether manufacturing for Aerospace, Radiators/Heat Exchangers, Cladding, or even Medical and Dental applications; AIM products will meet or exceed your specifications. AIM provides the materials and technical support needed to ensure a robust, environmentally sound, cost effective process. 

AIM Foils can be custom made to meet our customers demanding or unique requirements. AIM's proprietary manufacturing processes and advanced quality procedures ensure that every product we ship is exactly matched to optimize your application.  AIM offers extruded and rolled precision foils from 0.0015 thick and widths up to 5" wide in continuous lengths on a 3" cardboard core, with custom packaging available. Every AIM Foil is manufactured and inspected to ensure a smooth bright surface finish; free of inclusions, free of processing oils and dirt, nicks, kinks or burr's and is supplied continuous lengths (no breaks) on evenly wound spools.

● Thickness minimum :  .0015"
● Thickness tolerance : Milled   +/- 0.0005" / Not Milled   +/- 0.032"
● Width minimum : 0.25"
● Width maximum : 5.00" 
● Width tolerance : Slit  +/- 0.005" / Not Slit  +/- 0.032"
● Camber (over 36") : 0.125" max
● Standard coil core sizes : 3, 6, 12" ID
● Coil weights minimum : 5  lbs. 
● Coil weights maximum : (varies w/alloy and width) 25 lbs./50 lbs. 


▪ Extruded and rolled precision foils available
▪ 0.0015 thick with widths up to 5"
▪ Custom packaging available
▪ Smooth bright surface finish