Chrome Plating


** Other shapes available upon request – also special fabrications to custom specifications are available.

AIM offers a wide selection of custom lead based anodes for chromium plating in extruded, grid and basket formats. These anodes are available in various shapes and sizes and are used in hard and decorative chrome plating applications. 

● Produced in Tin, Lead and Antimony custom alloys
● Available in round, square, rectangle, “D” style, oval, elliptical, rosette, saw tooth, ribbed and zigzag profiles
● Anodes can be extruded as solid, or with a steel, copper or aluminum core
● Manufactured with cast bronze or copper hooks, or drilled with a 3/8” diameter hole and tapped 16 threads to 1-1/4” deep
● Hooks can be plastisol coated or tinned



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