Industrial Alloys

Zero defect wave soldering requires consistent solder quality. Contaminants and high oxide levels in bar solder can result in wave soldering defects such as bridging, icicling, and non-wetting. In order to avoid these problems, users of bar solder are encouraged to utilize AIM’s high-purity and low drossing bar solder, which is made to some of the most stringent specifications in the industry.

» AIM Industrial Alloys AT A GLANCE:
● Available in all Alloys, Including Tin-Lead and Lead-Free
● Produced from High Purity Metals
● Low Oxide Content
● Low Drossing Rate
● Reduces Defects Such as Bridging and Icicling
● Excellent Joint Strength and Aesthetics
● Fast Barrel Fill and Excellent Wetting
● Lower Surface Tension than Competitive Brands
● Available in Extruded, Cast, and Margash Bars
● Compatible with all Flux Types
 AIM Common Alloys Information Chart
 More Industrial Alloys
 AIM Bar & Anode Dimensional Drawings



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