AIM Lead Alloys

 Bullet Lead

AIM produces high purity projectile alloys, commonly comprised of 2Sn/6Sb/92Pb, but also available in several other standard variations, or in custom alloys.  Cast in 6 lb notch bars or 25 lb ingots, as well as numerous diameter wires for swaging, AIM’s bullet making materials are well suited to both the recreational and competitive shooter.  Available alloys can also be supplied to meet specific Britnell hardness requirements, ideal for bare or full metal jacket (FMJ) style projectiles.


 Ballast Lead

AIM produces ballast lead suitable for countless applications including counterweights, marine vessel ballast weight, fishing weights, Lead bars, forklift counterweights, elevator weights, bridge counterweights, Lead ingots, Lead shims, Lead shot, pig Lead, test weights, oil boom Lead weights, Lead anchors and Lead pyramid anchors.  Considerably denser than steel, Lead based ballast material reduces space requirements, without risk of corrosion related to environmental conditions.  Readily available in 20 and 40 lb ingots.

 Antimonial Lead 

Antimonial lead alloys are available from AIM for various applications including wheel weights, chroming anodes, plating anodes, boat keels, fishing lures, fishing weights, and casting applications.  Available in 20 and 40 lb ingots, AIM can custom formulate the Lead/Antimony ratio to suit your specific requirements.


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